What are Your Different Choices for Marine Pile Bumpers?

Why should you consider marine pile bumpers?

Repairs to your boat dock can be costly. Unfortunately, once the damage is done—it’s done. Therefore, the best way to prevent the costs of boat dock repair and maintenance is like the old expression says, is with prevention.

One way to do just that — help prevent damage to your dock—is by installing pile bumpers on your dock piers and poles.

What are dock pole bumpers?

Well, dock pole bumpers — also called piling bumpers — put an added layer or element of protection between your dock piles and the elements or boats and personal watercraft. A bit of good news is that there are several different options for this form of dock pier protection.

Below are some of the most popular marine pile bumper options:

Pier Bumpers

Pier bumpers are one of the most common forms of marine pier and pole protection. These marine piling bumpers come in a few different materials and the designs can vary a little bit but are mostly the same in form and function.

Piling Fenders

Piling fenders are a lot like bumpers. So much so that it can be hard to really define the difference well and often, people will use these terms — piling fenders and pier bumpers — interchangeably. 

Other common names for these to similar terms include:

  • Dock Piling Fenders
  • Dock Piling Guards
  • Marine Piling Bumpers
  • Vertical Boat Dock Bumpers
  • Boat Dock Piling Bumpers
  • Boat Piling Bumpers

The key with the above names is that they all refer to pier protection that is installed on the boat dock piers and poles to create a proximity barrier that keeps the piers and poles from being damaged.  However, a big caveat to any of these types of bumpers or fenders is that they only really protect from contact damage and not marine life or weathering.

If you think this product is what you need, West Marine has a huge selection of dock pole protection in the form of piling bumpers and fenders, to choose from in their stores but mostly, on their website.

Dock Piling Wrap or “Pile Wraps”

But there is another category of pier protection as well. These are the dock piling wraps or just “pile wraps” that have become really popular in recent years.

Dock piling wrap is often made of relatively thin and pliable, yet extremely durable and beefy, material that can bend — or wrap — around the piers and poles. This means, not only can marine pile wrap protect against strokes and strikes of marine craft, it can also protect the pole itself from water creatures, wave action, and repetitive water erosion too.

Because of the two levels of protection provided by pile wrap, for many residential docks and piers, it can likely be a preferred choice over pier bumpers and fenders.

Yet, then you still have to choose the best marine piling wrap product for your particular job.

Pier Protector, we feel, is one of the best options on the market. It’s made of high-density HDPE plastic that is tough and super long-lasting.

The Pier Protector Installation Kit comes complete with the black stretch wrap that will cover the poles and ring shank stainless steel nails for attaching Pier Protector dock pole wrap to the piers. The kit also conveniently includes complete instructions on proper piling wrap installation—how to wrap Pier Protector onto your dock piles and securing it properly—for the greatest function and longevity.

If you believe that dock or marine pile wrap and Pier Protector would be the best option for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.

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