Dock Piling Protection: Are Dock Pole Bumpers the Only Choice?

A dock’s pilings are essentially its legs—its foundation. The pilings hold the dock up and steady, hopefully supporting it both ...
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How Do Dock Piling Fenders Work and What Are the Other Options?

Your dock’s piers are its foundation—very quite literally, the “legs” that keep your dock standing. As such, they might just ...
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Why consider dock bumpers when building a dock?

Why You Should Consider Dock Bumpers When Building a Dock

Why Should You Consider Piling Bumpers or Dock Post Bumpers? What Do They Do? For many people, companies, or organizations, ...
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Piling wrap installation for dock protection. DIY or Hire a Pro?

Piling Wrap Installation for Dock Protection: DIY or Hire a Pro?

A boat dock is commonly associated with fun and amusement. After all, it’s a place where you will likely enjoy ...
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Understanding how the sun causes wood degradation and wood rot treatment and prevention

Sun & UV Wood Degradation & Wood Rot Treatment and Prevention

Protecting wood in a coastal or other near-water environmental can be more-than-challenging. So many things pose a risk to the ...
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how the sun's uv rays cause wood degradation through wet or dry wood rot

How the Sun’s UV Rays Cause Wood Degradation Through Wood Rot

Right off the bat, it seems like a tough combination — wood, water, and sun. Yet, when we have a ...
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What do piling bumpers and dock pole bumpers do?

Pier Protection: What Do Piling Bumpers and Dock Pole Bumpers Do?

You’ve got a dock or pier. It looks fantastic and it does its job well. Now… how do you make ...
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Image of marina with "Different Types of Dock Bumpers Thank Help Protect A Dock" Title

The Different Types of Dock Bumpers that Help Protect a Dock

You spent considerable time and energy — and likely money — building your beautiful dock. Now, it looks just the ...
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Different choices for marine pile bumpers

What are Your Different Choices for Marine Pile Bumpers?

Why should you consider marine pile bumpers? Repairs to your boat dock can be costly. Unfortunately, once the damage is ...
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Pier Piling Protection: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Different Options

You want your dock to last as long as possible. There’s no surprise about that. But what might come as ...
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